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Don't worry my friend
we'll get you out of here,
the sun will rise again
and you will forget the pain,

It's always this dark
just before dawn,
I promise you
there is nothing wrong
with your eyes.

I'm sorry about your legs
both blown away,
but at least you'll live
to see the helicopter come,
I hope.

I'll put some morphine in your bum
enough to knock an elephant out,
that'll keep you quiet for awhile,
thank God.

I'm sorry about your mate
back there on the track,
he's not going anywhere
and won't be worrying
about his balls.

Don't worry my friend and thrash about
we'll soon have you out of here,
soon the sun will warm your face
and you'll be free of this bloody land.

We'll carry you out
On our backs if we have to,
It's just a short step to the clearing,
I can hear the helicopter, it's coming -
Well bugger it, he's up and died.

John A. Moller
Whiskey Two Company RNZIR


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