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The Poems

In the Beginning



On Chunuk Bair
The Foetus
The Links


The Metamorphosis
Wairua in the Starlight




The Omens 1967
The Holyoake Decision
The Boys of Whiskey Two
Before the Battle
The Lead Scout
Stand To
The Long Green
The Tracker
Seven on the Wire
The Punji Pit
The Last Ablution
Jocko's Leech
The Mangrove Swamp
Contact Front
Body Bags
Only Nineteen
One Day a Bishop


A Salute to the Men of Long Tan
A Prayer in the Minefield
The Military Policemen
The Infantryman
Killed in Action
A Gunner Goes Home
The Terrorist
The Napalm Strike
Mai Lai
An Easier Way
The Village Children
Just Before Dawn
Hat Zac: Secret Zone
The Saigon Strip Club
The Man on the Hill
The Last Step
The Battle of Khe San

The Home-Coming



A Veteran Comes Home
A Veteran Applies for a Job
An Orange Brain
The Anzac Myth is Buried
Home Again
A Maori Bloke
It's a Long Way Back
Coming Home
The Domino Theory
A Returned Service Club
Democracy Randomly Stopped


The Canoe Comes
No One Told His Mother
A Chat with the Doctor
The Final Solution
The Agent Orange Investigation
The Military Museum
The Greatest Lie
A Salute to the Maori Warrior
The Talking Stick
I The Pakeha

Condition Red



Goodbye Anzus
No Winners
At the Bottom of the Long Drop
The New Age
Condition Red


No Heroes at Ground Zero
Speaking Out
The Last Word
The Sword of Hope

Other Poems



The Fourth Horseman


Moller, John A.,
The Fourth Horseman, a novel
Moana Press, Tauranga, 1989


Terrific pages. Great Design. Great contribution to the World Wide Web. I am much impressed. I am awarding your site the Poet's Award. - Ernest Slyman

for "Body Bags"


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