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This is the domino theory
the wise old generals said,
we have to play a cunning hand
to stop the fall
of Vietnam.

Draft the flower of our youth
and arm them well,
bend the truth a bit -
the domino theory,
we'll make a game of it.

Freedom the politicians called
stacking the black-faced slabs so high,
we'll win this game of dominoes
let's draw the straws
to see who'll go.

We'll make the soldiers play our rules
the corporations said with glee,
we'll make the bombs and guns and knives
widows of the young men's wives
for a modest fee.

You know, said the President
as he turned his back,
we'll have to lie a little more,
this domino deck is stacked
attack I say, attack.

But Mister President the advisers grinned
the body count shows we'll actually win,
statistics never tell a lie
with ten thousand more
we'll win this bloody war.

No said the people
you have hidden the facts,
and it's not fair
that our sons and lovers
are sacrificed there.

The war is lost the politicians cried
and fifty-eight thousand dominoes
fell over

John A. Moller
Whiskey Two Company RNZIR


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